The link between effective sleep and effective leadership

The link between effective sleep and effective leadership

What neuroscientists well know is that while some brain areas could do relatively well with too little sleeping hours, the prefrontal cortex severely suffers. This frontal part of the brain cortex is responsible for what is called executive functioning. Examples are problem solving, planning, decision-making, justification of decisions made and executing operations.


I recent McKinsey research revealed a striking positive correlation between good sleep and effective leadership in all for key behaviours of good leaders.


Operating with results-orientation: because it is important to stay focused and to avoid distractions in order to perform tasks efficiently


Effective problem solving: because sleep boosts cognitive functions that help us make links and see the bigger picture.


Viewing the problem from multiple perspectives: because sleep keeps our brain sharp to enhance critical thinking.


Supporting others: we could show empathy only when we are in good physical condition.


So remember Maslow? Only when basic needs are satisfied – like thirst, hunger, the need of safety and sleep – we could think of higher ends like being effective leaders and be supportive team members.y helpful.

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