A Freelancer’s Day: Staying Safe and Sane in the COVID Times

A Freelancer’s Day: Staying Safe and Sane in the COVID Times

What does a freelancer’s day look like? We asked some of our employees, and here is what we can report.

  1. You don’t have to wake up too early! Without commute, life becomes a bit easier, and you can sleep those extra two hours instead of preparing for work.
  2. You make your own schedule! Often, our writers will make breaks in their work, for example, to walk the dog or wash the dishes. Balancing your work and life seems to be easier while working from home.
  3. Freelancing is good for your health! Quite a few of our employees, it turns out, make small breaks for gymnastics or yoga. It is good for your health not to stay in front of the computer all day, so freelancing can help you stay healthier.
  4. Freelancing is so good for your health! Let’s not forget about the epidemic we have going on. With more and more people practicing social distancing, working from home is a very good idea.

That said, there are some issues.

  1. It is often difficult to manage one’s schedule. Freelancing takes quite a bit self-discipline, and a few of our writers reported using special tools (such as Pomodoro) to actually work effectively.
  2. Often, freelancing is not taken seriously by the family, especially, it turns out, children. However, family can be reasoned with. Usually.

So, is there such a thing as the typical day of a freelancer? Not really, but some patterns are common enough that we can consider them advantages and potential complications of our lifestyle.

Conducting research for numerous NGOs, charities and think tanks has significantly improved my ability to deliver high-quality projects. Overall, I have worked in many exciting fields with Nislo.

April Mills
Organizational Researcher

The work is often challenging because we need to provide the highest-quality products and services. But it is also very rewarding, and it helped me to grow in many ways! I love working for Nislo.

Latif Mann
Academic Writer

Nislo taught me valuable skills, including industry-specific and transferable ones. The latter group consists of abilities like time-management and punctuality; they are valued by every employer.

Beth Lane
Academic Writer

Nislo Research has offered me a chance to grow, and I became a business consultant. My tasks have been involving numerous exciting projects, which assisted me in developing my flair for business.

Jeffery Gross
Business Consultant

Being employed by Nislo Research has been a fantastic beginning of my career. The company has helped me to improve my researcher skills and expand my knowledge into many diverse, exciting fields.

John Thompson
Academic Writer

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