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Responsible for the management of quality checkers and deadlines of specific projects.

In charge of the successful delivery of high-quality projects.

Quality checker

The role of the quality checker is to support the work of the researchers by providing detailed feedback of their work, suggesting areas for improvement and ensuring that the project meets the quality criteria of both corporate and individual clients. This position is available on both freelance and fulltime bases.

Senior Consultant

The position of a senior consultant is the highest obtainable by a freelance researcher and is awarded to those individuals, who have shown great diligence in regards to the quality of his or her projects and attention to the requirements of specific assignments. After becoming a research consultant, the researcher will get higher volumes of projects in wider fields of work, such as corporate and organisational research. Finally, once a researcher becomes a senior consultant, he or she can obtain a fulltime job offer for the position of supervisor through continued commitment to Nislo’s values and work.

Senior Researcher

Almost all applicants are initially appointed as researchers with Nislo.

Highly performing individuals will be allocated with more tasks and will be given the opportunity to grow professionally within the company.


Almost all applicants start NISLO RESEARCH as a Researcher. Regular work is given to those who provide quality standard of work.

Starting as a freelance writer you have the chance to build your reputation with us
whilst having a stable and rewarding career with many opportunities throughout.
Below are the three career growth stages we have in place.

Position Allocated work Additional Job Opportunities
Senior Consultant Organisational Research and Business Consulting Full-time Supervisor*,
Full-time Quality Checker*
Senior Researcher Working on Business Reports,
Data Analysis and Academic
Full-time Researcher
Freelance Quality Checker*
Researcher Academic Research
Rank increased as with the amount of Quality Projects provided on time increses